Advantage Rotomoulding
Rotomoulding is preferred around the world over injection moulding or blow moulding as it gives a more uniform thickness, extra strength and durability to the products. At AquaTech, we use the modern technique of Bi Axial Rotational Moulding.

In this process, a mould is partly filled with powdered resin. The mould is then heated while it spins creating centrifugal & centripetal forces, which pushes the melting resin against the mould walls and holds it there as the mould is cooled and the object solidifies. As the equipment has flanges, while a flange holds a mould in heat chamber, the other is blown to cool down and yet another is unloaded off the cooled product. The process is convenient to produce multiple custom made products at the same time. AQUA TECH is the only brand in South India using Biaxial Rotational Moulding technology.