Auto Accessories

Bumpers, Diesel tanks, AdBlue tanks, Bus Seats etc !

We at Aquatech develop and manufacture roto molded car bumpers and diesel tanks
for automobile AND Agricultural industry.  India's first electric car, Reva (from MAHINDRA) 
flaunts bumpers manufactured by Aquatech. Fuel tanks for harvesting machines are also
developed and manufactured at our facility.


Euro6 emission norms have mandated the use of AdBlue for diesel driven vehicles to
reduce NOx emissions. We support major OEM's in the design,development & 
manufacturing of Rotomoulded AdBlue tanks.
We manufacture Roto molded Bus seats for Government run
Public Transport system.
Aquatech has left its foot prints in Agricultural equipment
manufacturing industry. We manufacture fan belt covers, 
chasis cover and an array of customized products 
for Tractor manufacturers like KAMCO, REDLANDS.