Bio Gas Plants

A Clean & Renewable solution to fuel crisis!


Generation of cooking gas at the household level will help us to overcome fuel crisis to a great
extend.Apart from the production of cooking gas through the treatment of bio waste,the plant
also ensures there is no possiblity for growth of mosquitoes.The gas collected of this plant is capable
 of strong 50%more biogas as compared to other biogas plants of similar size.This product earned
National Award for Technology and innovation from the Ministry of Chemicals and  Fertilizers,Goverment of India.


·     LLDPE horizontal barrel digester
·     Gas storage in neoprene rubber balloon
·     Hand crusher attachment with lid
·     Stove with single burner
·     Control valve with ISI mark for regulating
·     A plastic container of 10-30 litres capacity
      for collecting slurry
·     Treatment capacity: upto 3.5kg.of solid
      waste per day
·     Total equipment volume 850 litres with 500
       litres balloon capacity
·     All PVC pipe of class 4kg/cm2
·     Minimum solid wastes retention time of 100 days


·     Alternative fuel for cooking gas.
·     Proper disposal of biodegradable waste
·     Hygienic
·     Outlet slurry is a good fertilizer
·     User friendly designs
·     Aethestic look-available in various colours
·     Easy to handle and install.
·     Can be kept on terrace
·     Compact design